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Saunders Diaphragm Valves

Saunders HC4 Valves

Saunders® HC4 Bio-Blocks

Saunders® HC4 Bio-Block design and specification guide is part of the extensive range of innovative products and services available to the BioPharm customer. Our Bio-Block options are complemented perfectly by Saunders® full range of standard 2-Way BPE compliant forgings, machined zero deadleg configurations, and custom fabrications. All body configurations come with full material traceability and are available with Saunders® HC4 unique range of diaphragms.

Bio-Block P & ID Table of Orientations

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Bio-Block Process Applications

This interactive selection tool puts machined block valve technology into the context of common BioPharm process systems. Reduce installed footprint and wetted area and improve cleanability with this product selection tool.

Saunders® HC4 Diaphragms Print


Saunders® HC4 Diaphragms are developed, compounded and manufactured entirely in-house.

Saunders® elastomer and PTFE diaphragms are ideally suited for demanding bio-pharm applications, including: compendium waters, process, CIP and SIP.

All HC4 Diaphragms conform to FDA, USP and ASME BPE Standards and are ADCF and fully lot traceable.

Saunders® Standard 2 Way


Saunders® invented the diaphragm valve concept and then pioneered the development of the first true high purity diaphragm valve with the introduction of the AFP forged 316L/1.4435 body range. The entrapment free design and self-draining characteristics of the diaphragm valve body makes it the ideal choice for both aseptic processes and systems that must be cleaned in place. Top entry design allows maintenance while the valve is installed and permits the valve to be welded in place reducing the required number of mechanical joints and enhancing system security.

Technical data
Size range:DN8-DN150

Saunders® Standard Machined Block and Zero Dead Leg


Machined integrally from a block, the Machined T Valve normally features three common ports with the same bore dimensions and incorporates a valve body and a tee fitting into a single solution. Machined    T valves form the ideal solution for feeding laterals off recirculating loops, sample points or use-point applications. The bodies can be supplied with weld or hygienic clamp end connections or included U-bend configurations for point of use.

Technical data
Size range:DN8-DN150

Saunders® Welded Tandems and Manifolds


The most common customized valve concept is the tandem valve or valve and fitting combination. A main valve is ported and a section of tube is welded to the port to create an access point into the valve. This tube can in turn be welded to a second valve forming a two-valve cluster, or the tube can be turned into a weld end, hygienic clamp or other type of fitting. The resultant product is designed to optimise drain ability and meets standard process considerations including camp’s for dead leg minimisation.

Size Range: DN15 – DN 150 ( ½” – 6”)

End Connections: A wide range of end connections is available. Please contact us for the full range.

Typical Applications: Product transfer purging, steam sterilisation, condensate drains, CIP systems

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